Endoscopic Repair and Refurbished Equipment Warranty

Endo Technologies, LLC offers a limited warranty on all sales and repairs in accordance with applicable sales or service agreements pertaining to your specific equipment.

Warranty period from date of installation

  • GI Endoscopes- One year on repairs/ One year on sales
  • Small bore scopes- Three months on repairs/ Six months on sales
  • Rigid scopes- Six months on repairs/ Six months on sales
  • Hardware (Processor, light source, printer)- Three months on repairs/ Six months on sales

Endo Technologies, LLC (ETI) warranties its equipment to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, and with appropriate maintenance. ETI will repair or replace any defective item or parts that are covered under this warranty and are returned within the warranty period. Ask your ETI representative about specific warranty coverage and/or how this warranty will affect your individual product.

Any user error or misuse will void ETI warranty as determined solely and exclusively by Endo Technologies, LLC representatives. The customer, by accepting this limited warranty, accepts the sole discretion of ETI in this regard. Endo Technologies, LLC will pay shipping costs to and from the customer’s facility for repairs meeting the requirements of this warranty.

Only ETI is approved to perform warranty repairs. If ETI performs warranty-related repairs and the customer subsequently sends the equipment to another repair facility, the warranty with ETI will be voided. ETI is not responsible for costs, including shipping charges, related to repairs that were not performed by ETI. The warranty will be voided if the manufacturer’s protocol is not followed with regards to leakage testing, cleaning, and maintenance.

When submitting equipment for repair, the following information is required: a letter stating the problem, serial number, and copy of invoice, or, in lieu of invoice, the purchaser’s name, date of purchase, phone number and address.

This warranty is given in place of all other warranties, expressed or implied. No statement or claim about the product by an employee, agent, or Endo Technologies, LLC shall constitute a warranty by Endo Technologies, LLC or give rise to any liability or obligation of Endo Technologies, LLC