Light Sources

Olympus CLV-180

  • Equipped with specially coated filters for NBI (Narrow Band Imaging). (Only for GI)
  • Lamp can be turned on/off without turning off the equipment.
  • Automatically adjusts light intensity to achieve ideal illumination for observation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Powerful 300-watt xenon lamp.
  • Backlit front panel indicators and controls improve operability.

Olympus CLV-190

  • Brighter image, thanks to an improved lamp design and signal processing.
  • The newly designed, waterproof one-touch connector allows a one-step connection to the light source and does not require a scope cable.
  • Considerable reduction in operating noise, thanks to redesigned fan.
  • Automatic light adjustment to achieve the ideal illumination for observation with each scope.

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